About Ron Adams

    I am a freelance two-dimensional artist who works from his home studio in Willmar, Minnesota. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art from St. Cloud State University in 1976.  Through the years I have created paintings which now hang in permanent  collections in several public buildings in Willmar including the Kandiyohi County Historical Society, Robbins Island Park, Rice Hospital, Ridgewater College, North American State Bank, Willmar Public Library and the Kandiyohi County Health and Human Service Building.  Presently I am working on a 15 x7 foot oil on canvas mural for the Willmar Community Center.


Photography has been at the root of everything I produce as an artist.  Being a retired newspaper photographer and a painter I have been aware of the similarities as well as the importance of the separation of the two mediums.  Using the shadows and light effects found in photography and combining them with the lines and textures used in painting I have been able to create lifelike yet sometimes eerie atmospheres in my work.  I prefer to produce representations that communicate a message to the observer not only through the subject matter but through color, line and repetition.   


The themes used in my art are  often reflections of quiet moments of daily life.  As a regionalist artist I frequent depict the people and land around me illustrating domestic and familial scenes. I prefer to paint on over-sized canvases with oil or acrylic paint.  My drawings are made using either oil pastel or a technique of layering colored pencil and art markers to create images that appear more like paintings than drawings.  My studio is located in the back porch of my home where my late wife and I raised our two daughters as well as numerous dogs and cats for 40 years.